המילה האחרונה בקולקציית שולחן הישיבות. סדרת Essens של מותג המעצבים הספרדי INCLASS, עוצבו ע"י JONATHAN PRESTWICH העשויים חומר ממוחזר עם מגוון רב של מידות וטופים בגרסה מלבנית, אובלית ועגולה. בסדרה שולחנות ישיבות במבחר גדלים (כולל אורכים גדולים מאוד), שולחן בר, שולחן דיונים ללא מעבר חשמל, שולחנות לחדרי ישיבות עם מעברי חשמל.


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עוד מהקולקציה ESSENS

Meet the designer Jonathan Prestwich

After finishing University in 1995 with a degree in industrial design, Jonathan left England to work in a design studio in Boston Massachusetts. During this two year period working on lighting and seating, Jonathan gained valuable experience and developed an excitement for the design process.   Jonathan went from the US to France, working for the next six years with Burkhard Vogtherr. Initially this was intended to be a short experience but the more Jonathan and Burkhard worked together the more the working relationship bonded.   In 2003 Jonathan moved to London where after briefly working with Barber Osgerby set up his own studio in 2004. Working with other designers had given great experience not only in how a product comes together but also in knowing what makes a product a good product. Jonathan has brought this experience together with a desire to make products for the next generation of users, fusing Influences from nature and modern technology, with a goal to create simple, elegant, innovative products.

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