Hagai Nagar Architects

Hagai Nagar Architects was established in 2000 and specializes in architectural planning of work spaces. Our expertise lies in our capacity of combining both a functional approach with creating an innovative design suitable for our clients. Our vast experience has brought us to work on a large variety of projects, including offices, service centers, exhibition halls and diverse spaces for companies and organizations.

The firm’s portfolio includes a series of projects that succeeded to connect a vision of an original and inspiring design with the functional requirements of the project. Most importantly, however, is the capacity to never give up on the desire to surprise, excite and innovate.

Our intentions are to combine creative design with technical expertise: extensive knowledge of materials and technologies while aiming for originality and out-of- he-box thinking. We love to see actions in the making and know how to promptly take the right decisions. Finally, our in-depth knowledge of complementary aspects of corporate interior design, such as ergonomics, lighting, acoustics and branding, allows us to cover the overall needs of any project.

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