Our studio is an independent boutique office, specializing in planning and interior design of private buildings, for residential purposes, and commercial spaces: offices, shops, restaurants and cafes. The studio was founded in 2002 and over the years has gained a lot of experience and has been highly regarded thanks to its rich resume. Corinne Gershon is an interior architect, a graduate of B.DESIGN INTERIOR in the academic track of the College of Administration.

We believe that a well-designed and comfortable living and working environment contribute to the quality of our lives. Our goal is to adapt the design of the environment precisely to the client's needs, goals and dreams. We achieve this goal by truly and deeply listening to the customer. Together we create a one-off creation, in which maximum emphasis is placed on functionality and precision in meeting needs.

Professional service
During the project, the studio team accompanies the client hand in hand from the initial stage until receiving the key. The process includes the formulation of the idea, the in-depth acquaintance with the client's needs and goals, the location of the space and examination of its qualities, the formulation of the complete concept, detailed planning of the space, and its optimization and utilization to the maximum extent. The studio takes into account the budget framework, the functionality of the space and its appearance, and combines these data in the best and most efficient way.

On a personal note
Even after many years in the field, every project is a fascinating challenge for me, in which I connect to the material, the unique contours of the space, the landscape, colors, people, feelings and sensations. I experience it like a new, exciting and overwhelming love, a shared adventure, which results in the design of extraordinary, impressive and inspiring spaces.

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