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Meet the designer Parisotto + Formenton

ldo Parisotto (Monselice, 1962) graduates at IUAV of Venice with James Stirling. From 2001 to 2003 teaches interior design in Trieste and still collaborates as a visiting professor with several italian universities. Massimo Formenton (Padova, 1964) graduates at IUAV as well in 1989. He starts his professional career in 1990 and creates the Parisotto+Formenton studio in Padova, which since 2004 is based in Milan too. Their design research is focused towards multiple themes, developing experience nationwide and internationally. In the architectural field they have been dealing with museums projects, commercial spaces and residential buildings (they have recently completed the restoraton of the historical Ricordi palace beside the Vittorio Emanuele gallery in Milano). In the interior design field the core business is represented by a 360° retail design, from concept to project management, throughout extended collaboration with important italian and international firms of fashion and luxury (among others, Francesco Biasia, Salvatore Ferragamo, Eleventy, Testoni and Vic Matiè). Parisotto+Formenton are also the brains behind the concepts of the Nespresso boutiques all over the world. In the products design field they have significant collaborations with famous brands of the illumination and furniture.

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