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Meet the designer RadiceOrlandini DesignStudio

To make industrial design does not mean to sketch a form on a sheet of paper. The studio offers a full service for your business; we do not limit ourselves to the initial proposal, but we are able to follow, if required, the phase of product development up to the production itself.
The studio employs a large number of partners and suppliers. We can provide three-dimentional mathematics, CAD drawings, scale models, live prototyping. Thanks to years of activity we have gained the skills to interact with printers and with manufacturers regarding the various technologies: wood, polyurethane, die cast aluminum, plastic materials, upholstery, metal carpentry, … During this process, we can also analyze the costs of production and, if decided with the company, we develop the necessary strategies to achieve the agreed target price.
Thr studio finally can provide photorealistic renderings for the presentation of the projects to the printing or to the sales force before the actual finalization of the products.
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