Waxman. The best projects are made here

כסאות ARUM, שולחן בר דגם ECO

Waxman. The best projects are made here

Waxman. The best projects are made here


Waxman. The best projects are made here

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Waxman. The best projects are made here


Waxman. The best projects are made here


Waxman. The best projects are made here

Welcome to Waxman

For over 40 years, Waxman Office Furniture leads the way in designer office furniture, office desk, guest and reception chairs, and seating for waiting areas, lounges and auditoriums. Our website features some of our leading projects in Israel as well as a current collection of office furniture by some of the world’s leading brands. Keeping an optimal balance between functionality and passion is always a priority for us at Waxman, whether designing a specific and personal solution or a complete office environment.

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Get to know us & our work

Get to know us & our work

Following a series of simple steps, we will meet the targets of the work space as initially defined. We begin by listening to your story and understanding your motivation and continue by piecing together the required solution. Your organization, the structure you have at your disposal and the performance of your employees remain at the center of our attention throughout the process. Finally, the design project translates into a inviting, practical and beautiful office environment, one that accommodates the business goals of the operation, makes better use and even betters its real estate. Achieving this goal is our mission, and we will accomplish it together with you.

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Our Projects



singular one

Singular One


natasha denona

Natasha Denona

כסאות ARUM, שולחן דגם ECO


Smart chair, Essense table

NVIDIA Tel Aviv / Raanana


Habana- an Intel company- Tel Aviv

We’re a team.

As a company with a unique DNA and its own narrative, nothing contributes more to our distinctness than our professional team, living, breathing our brand philosophy. Much in the spirit of the family that started it all in the 1960’, we work together, grow together and design the future together. Our project managers and planners, operating managers, installments and headquarters teams provide all the creativity and security of carrying out our projects.  Our project managers will be happy to assist in planning office re-designs and selecting the correct items of furniture. Schedule a meeting an find out what your office can become.

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Finally, and in the spirit of the times, we at Waxman know that a healthy and supportive work environment, either working from home or at the company’s offices, greatly benefits body and mind. Specializing in ergonomic seating solutions, we heartily recommend an office chair that provides excellent support working long hours, keeping your lower back comfortable and well situated. A click away, one of our office chairs can become your new best productivity and comfort enhancer. Fast supply available.

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