Roots rug

בחזרה לטבע ולמהות. שטיחי ROOTS היא סדרה של ארבעה שטיחים עשויים יוטה וכותנה, המעוררת את המקורות הים תיכוניים של Inma Bermúdez ו-GAN ובשיתוף פעולה עם טובי בעלי המלאכה בתחום. הקולקציה מתאפיינת בחמימות וגוונים ניטרליים ממוסגרים על ידי צורה מרובעת שחוזרת על עצמה, בסולמות ובמקצבים שונים. 

הקולקציה זוכת שני פרסי  ADCV 2022 awards


Meet the designer Inma Bermúdez

Spanish industrial designer Inma Bermúdez set up her design studio in Valencia in 2007. A graduate of one of Spain’s leading design universities, she began her career in Germany and Sweden working for different industrial design studios, before returning to her home country.

The designer is known for giving new life to everyday objects: tableware, lighting, vases, candlesticks, furniture, bathroom products, etc. She has collaborated with internationally renowned brands such as the Swedish Ikea, the Swiss watch company Rado, the Chinese furniture brand Zaozuo, and the Spanish porcelain company Lladró, among many others.

She was named Best Designer of the Year 2016 by renowned AD magazine and has received awards such as the Red Dot Design and the Design Plus awards, the Gold and Silver awards from the Spanish ADCV, a Delta nomination, etc.

Inma Bermúdez combines her design projects with lectures and teaching, giving classes in different Spanish design schools.

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Inma Bermúdez
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