LIN היא מערכת חדשנית של ספסלי המתנה עם מושבי עץ/ריפוד המיועדת לאכלוס בחללים ציבוריים פנימיים עתירי תנועה. עם עיצוב מעודן ונצחי, הקולקציה מודולרית לחלוטין ומאפשרת ליצור מספר תצורות. המבנה והזרועות עשויים כולו מסגסוגת אלומיניום, חומר בר קיימא המאפשר יצירת ספסלים עמידים וקלים, עם תחזוקה מינימלית וניתן למחזור ב-100%. באמצעות רגליים אמצעיות ושולחנות המערכת מאפשרת יצירת ספסלים בעלי צורות שונות ואורך אינסופי. השילוב של אלומיניום, עץ וריפוד מאפשר יצירת ספסלים בעלי ביצועים גבוהים ובו זמנית נוחים, מסבירי פנים ומעניקים חמימות לחללים בהם הם נמצאים.


מוצרים קשורים

Meet the designer Alegredesign

Innovation design company committed to giving value to people.

Market and society are constantly changing and moving. And so are we. We are permanently seeking new perspectives and ideas with which to redefine services, products and experiences, providing value and innovation and creating a new future for people. We inspire change through design.

We are Alegre Design.

Andres Baldoví and Marcelo Alegre work together more than 20 years, making a solid design team and bringing their clients a right design vision of their products and its development. Working on different industries over these years, let them to have intuition, perspective, culture and the knowledge of the complexities of this globalized world.

New solutions and uses.

For more than twenty years we have faced new challenges in product design on a daily basis. This has resulted in collaborations of great diversity in industrial sectors worldwide. This experience, acquired in each project, allows us to transmit knowledge between industries and cultures. With this, we contribute innovation, new technologies, processes and experience in sectors that want to look beyond what they do every day.

Our added value.

We take on products which increase the company’s worth thanks to its originality and efficiency and expertise.

We work on all the areas of the product and study its productive chain, which enables us to provide creativity and solutions in all the stages of the manufacturing process.

Make it matter.

We understand design as a global concept which is not only applied to style, but that can and does come up with realistic solutions for the product’s lifespan: right from the production process itself, the sustainability of its manufacturing, the use efficiency, the user interface or its environmentally-friendly materials.

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