כורסא ייחודית עם ביטוי אומנותי חזק שעוצבה ע"י Leonardo Rossano, עבור המותג האיטלקי True. הכורסא משלבת שני אלמנטים- דיקט מכופף ובד שביחד יוצרים יצירת אומנות. לדגם מנגנון סיבובי ורגל אלומיניום צבועה.


מוצרים קשורים

Meet the designer Leonardo Rossano

Architect and designer he graduated in '91 in Florence, where he resides. In the 90's he collaborated with architect Claudio Nardi's studio designing for private residence, public spaces and boutiques including leading italian designers like Dolce & Gabbana, G. Ferrè e Valentino. Since '98 he is a freelance designer of furniture, furnishing complements, exhibition space and company image communication

His client list includes TMA, Lapalma, R. F. Yamakawa and True Design. For Clerprem, he worked as art director overseeing the design of seats and components for trains. After completing his thesis, he was teaching assistant of Prof. Robert Segoni in the course of "Industrial Design" before becoming a teacher himself lecturing for the Bachelor of Fashion Design in Florence until '09. The subjects he taught included "Furniture design Product" and "Theory and History of Industrial Design". He currently teaches Furniture Design at the Florence Institute of Design International.

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