מושב Tondina של המעצבים האיטלקיים FAVARETTO & PARTNERS, בעל אופי מיוחד עם קימורים מעודנים. שלדת מתכת בגוונים כרום, שחור מאט, לבן, שחור כרומיום (מבריק) ונחושת copper. גב ומושב בשני סוגי גימורים: בגימור עץ ובגימור פוליפרופילן. המושב מגיע עם ידיות או ללא ידיות. משפחת Tondina מגיעה גם עם כורסת הסבה תואמת וכסא בר .


פרויקטים קשורים

עוד מהקולקציה TONDINA

Meet the designer Favaretto & Partners

Curiosity, tenacity and passion for research have characterized our work for more than 40 years at our Design Studio of industrial design and interior architecture founded in 1973 in Padua by Paolo Favaretto. Back in the 1980s, the Studio was one of the first in Italy to engage in business relationships abroad, collaborating with prestigious companies in North America, Europe and Asia. Reliability and proven competence have helped the Studio to establish long-lasting relationship and a variety of production methods, which the Studio has used to construct the entire industrialization process for the majority its projects. Other renowned values ​​at the Studio include the relevance in the application of materials, the design precision and the research for innovation of form and function. In 2009, with the entry of the young Francesco Favaretto, the activities of the Studio have extended even further and now cover various areas of design, from industrial design to communication, and from tangible to digital matter.

The product design sector ranges from telephones to furniture (seating, lighting, upholstered furniture), from medical to home decor. Our Studio is particularly specialized in the design, prototyping and industrialization office furniture, technical seating (executive armchairs, operational chairs) as well as community seating. Favaretto&Partners supports and practices the principles of Design for All, a declaration accepted by the European Commission and promoted by the IIDD (Italian Institute Design Disability, today known as DFA Italy), which is in favor of good design practices that aim to ensure the accessibility of places and objects to the widest range of users.

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