Gila Shemie’s Architecture and Interior Design Studio has over 20 years of experience. Over the years, the studio has accumulated experience in an array of diverse projects, engaging in design for a variety of private, public and commercial projects. Our specialty is in planning and designing exclusive offices. We focus mainly on High-Tec, Startup, Clinics and Business Firms. The design process is built around the customer’s desires and we contribute our experience and knowledge to reach the ultimate result. Each design is an independent venture and every project is characterized by the customer’s requirements. We love to make use of natural raw materials related to the geographical environment, and the world of the client. The correct use of these raw materials is what gives depth and contributes to its character. This can be seen and felt when put to proper use in each and every project. We emphasize the optimal structure, taking in consideration the factors and conditions that provide the employees an optimal working environment at its highest level. The planning services offered include preparation of plans, project budgeting, architectural design, interior design and supervision. We are proud of our long list of pleased customers, including some of the most leading firms in the world.

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