EN Studio

EN Studio is a design studio located in Tel Aviv that specializes mainly in office design as well as  residential and commercial projects. Our approach combines conceptual thinking with functional, modern solutions and an awareness of the client’s needs and requirements –  all done with the love and passion we have for what we do.

Our Work is based on Total Design, and the wish to create and present a full design vision for our clients- right from the most primary and basic requirements to the last and finest detail. Total Design allows us to practice on different scales – from large spaces to the smallest objects. EN Studio provides full service throughout the planning and design process: from accompanying the client on the search for an ideal property to identifying precise needs using 3D illustrations and sketches all the way to drafting a full set of plans. The process includes guidance with purchasing desired items and materials, custom made manufacturing, branding if needed, and on-site inspection.

For Us every project is an exciting challenge and every client is a world of dreams and needs. We bring our knowledge, along with concepts and models of design from around the world in order to help needs, desires and dreams come alive.

EN Studio was established by Eran Naim, a graduate of the Faculty of Design at the Holon Institute of Technology. He is an academic lecturer and multidisciplinary designer.

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