EB Design | Elad Bennachmias – Interior Design, 

An independent, unique design studio specializing in interior design of both private and public sectors. The studio was founded and run by designer Elad Bennachmias, who has a rich experience of over 9 years.

The studio’s goal is to bring the clients’ every day experience into the environment in which they live, while formulating a unique concept tailored exclusively to the clients’ lifestyle. The nature of the client plays a crucial role in the planning process, which is a full partner throughout the process.

This journey together reveals an original, clean, and mostly a unique personal touch With high attention to detail and harmony of materials and textures, a personal expression of the customer’s taste is obtained.

Elad is a graduate of Ort Ra’anana College, in the Building Engineering department, and a graduate of HIT’s Holon Institute of Technology, B Design Over the years, the studio has achieved an extensive amount of experience in designing private homes, luxury apartments, commercial stores, shared work spaces and offices.

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