Auerbach Halevy Architects

Place-making architecture; We believe in the power of designing long-lasting, sustainable, and inspiring architectural projects that promote positive change in people's lives for our clients in Israel and abroad.

Founded in 2000 by engineer Daphna Auerbach-Biran and architect Ori HaLevy,  the combined synergy of architecture and engineering evolved from the desire to connect the concept of space, light, and design with the real world disciplines of construction. Joining AHA as a partner in 2014 Ori Rotem (Rittenberg) continues these efforts by adding his experience in leading large-scale, complex projects in Israel and abroad. Our six associates became members of the leadership team in 2019 to support our expanding practice located in the city of Lod at our new offices.

AHA opened in 2020 a Tel-Aviv branch with the addition of Dov Koren Architecture Firm to the Auerbach HaLevy family.

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