Auerbach Halevy Architects

Auerbach Halevy is an Israeli interdisciplinary studio for architecture, urbanism and interior design. Over the years we completed a diverse range of complex projects in Israel and around the world, establishing our reputation as a professional and innovative firm.
Never adopted a signature style, we respond to context and the hidden qualities of a site-specific approach. Every new project is a one-off track to design excellence.

Our journey began in 2000, when an architect Ori Halevy and an engineer Daphna Auerbach-Biran formed a partnership; they saw the potential of combining their expertise within a single firm. Architect Ori Rotem joined the partners in 2013, bringing onboard international experience.
In recent years, 8 associates emerged to lead the challenging projects the firm is planning. The partners and associates are the core of the practice. They are central to our continuing evolution, being personally involved in every project we undertake.
AAs architects and designers, what we do shapes the future. From XS objects to XL city districts, the design we initiate shares the same core value: Focusing on the wellbeing of the people who will use the space, allowing communities to sprout and flourish.

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