Waxman Office Furniture was established in 1977 as a family business and remained so ever since. The company’s vision, too, is just the same: to be the standard in designer office furniture. 47 Years on, Waxman has become a brand synonymous with work environments that harmoniously integrate the best of all worlds: quality alongside design and ergonomics.

We believe that it is hard to exaggerate the importance of a workspace. For us, a workspace always stood for much more than mere functionality. The concept of “Organic Work Space”, one that flows naturally from the needs and tastes of organizations and employees, emerged out of a unique knowledge and extensive experience. The result is a meticulously crafted, exceptionally designed and superbly comfortable work environment that feels bespoke in every detail.

Between passion and functionality, a very nuanced, yet perceptible equilibrium guides us always, whether designing an entire space or adding an item to an existing environment. And, as much as we rely on experience, we are committed to never-ending learning and to always listening carefully to our client’s dreams and ambitions. For inspiration, we draw freely from art, science, technology, and culture.

Dedicated to providing our clients with the absolute best, we work in cooperation with internationally recognized brands in office furniture, based on a shared ethical and aesthetics point of view. Having never lost our admiration for the processes through which metals, leathers, woods, and fabrics become gorgeously designed items of furniture, our collections speak with passion, curiosity, and an established expertise. Avid learners of our craft, we continuously follow and analyze the developments in taste and trend, and the methods and technologies that accommodate them best.

Expressive and original, our collections and items bring together often unconventional mixtures of materials, color , and textures, allowing any space to become effortlessly beautiful, comfortable, and seriously (but not too seriously) impressive.

Experience the magic firsthand at our glorious showroom

As a company, we take pride in our ability to put together work environments that preserve their uniqueness, appealing aesthetics, and high-quality feel over many years. And so, we made a point of creating a showroom that deeply pleases the senses and inspires calm and creativity. We highly recommend a visit, as there truly is no substitute for firsthand experience.

Also telling of the special Waxman’s spirit is the artist Tal Frank’s Umbrella, an art installation adorning our conference room, located on one end of the showroom. “Made of sculpted wood, hard yet gentle and full of motion…damaged and cracked, still it remains vital and valuable, as it serves as a living testament to the way, the history, the values, narratives, and emotions that make up its life’s mosaic”, Says Michal Waxman.

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