GAN is a brand firmly rooted in design and based on handmade products. All of our products are made in India by skilled artisans who use natural or recycled fibers. The value of what is handmade, slowly, piece by piece, is what differentiates and defines us.

Creativity, colour and inspiring attitude. We design original, carefree outdoor furniture and accessories, adapted to new outdoor lifestyles.

We are convinced that handmade products are the true luxury, and that the best vehicle to express our designer’s creativity is the know-how of skilled craftsmen. That is why, from the beginning, GAN has focused on the reinterpretation of traditional techniques and their application to contemporary designs. After years and following this premise, GAN has established a production system that, while preserving tradition, makes it grow, so that artisan practices evolve and contemporary design is enriched.

In GAN, rugs are not simply decorative objects, but rather a system of shapes and volumes that redefine the concept of habitability. All of our products are manufactured in India, by expert craftsmen who use some of the best natural fibers -cotton, jute, wool- as well as recycled fibers.

The artisanal manufacture of our collections supports the economic development of the area where they are made. Over the years, GAN has established a production system which, while preserving tradition, renews craftsmanship thanks to its connection with contemporary design. In this way, the artisan practice evolves and the design expands its horizons.

GAN is the indoor brand of GANDIA BLASCO GROUP, and also its starting point…

José Gandía-Blasco, president of the company, reinvented his family business after a journey of four decades, at the end of the 1980s. True to the origin of the company, José developed new textile lines for the home, betting strongly on design and incorporating the world of rugs into the offering. This is how the original GAN ​​was born.


In 2004 José decided to start collaborating with Mapi Millet. They are old friends, with very close tastes and sensibilities. Together and with the enthusiasm of the entire team, they begin to shape this new brand, GAN, which will group GANDIABLASCO’s textile productions under the same proposal. Since her incorporation, she has defined the trajectory of GAN. On the one hand, she selects the designers with whom to collaborate and develops new artisan techniques to offer them, thus consolidating what for her should be the essence of the brand: craftsmanship at the service of first class design. On the other hand, she introduced the GAN SPACES concept, which made rugs evolve by developing, in line with their designs, modular systems and accessories that define complete spaces in which to live.







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